Best Paypal Alternative

ORU is a one-stop global social sharing, payment platform and marketplace. They allow you to send and receive payments in USD with no fees. You can fund your ORU account with PayPal, Credit or Debit cards, so you don’t have to have your own PayPal or merchant account. You can also pay your affiliates in USD using ORU Pay. And all ORU members can spend their funds or get cash at ATM’s worldwide using the ORU Prepaid Visa Card. ORU is available in 96 countries,  for a one-time activation fee of $24.99 to get your Prepaid Visa card shipped and just $5.95/month.

– ORU has no fees for buying or selling.
– ORU has no chargebacks and disputes.
– ORU does not Limit or Freeze your account.

This is the Perfect PayPal Replacement. You will see More Programs Using ORU to Sell their Products and Services and to Pay their Member Commissions without fees, chargebacks or fear of closure. Individual Marketers and Program Owners should get their accounts setup now for the the Big Change in Internet Marketing.

If you're worried about receiving Affiliate Commissions, or paying Affiliate Commission outside of North America, this is the one to use! Big named marketers are jumping onboard because of the huge potential!

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